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Dedicated Pre-Loss Disaster Insurance Adjusters

Ready to truly hold your insurance company accountable and get the valuation you deserve? We work for you, so let's work together.

Disaster Insurance Adjusters Guarantee You're Ready

The key to getting through any issue is being prepared. Natural disasters, theft, vandalism, and fire can happen at any time. You can't predict when it's coming, but you can be ready by allowing our disaster insurance adjusters to assist you with pre-loss and disaster planning.

We will come to your place and provide you with an accurate and comprehensive assessment of your risks. Having the information about the potential losses you could face is the first step to taking action before anything ever goes wrong.

With our licensed and certified disaster insurance adjusters working for you, you'll never be left in the dark about what's going on. We give you the personal attention you deserve and keep you informed no matter what's happening. Call today to schedule your FREE initial consultation.

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Hiring a Disaster Insurance Adjuster is the Best Option

You've already got a mountain of debt, monthly expenses, and a plethora of other financial obligations in front of you. Why would you want to spend even more money on something like a pre-loss and disaster planning adjuster, especially if there's a chance you're never going to face failure? It might seem like an unnecessary expense now, but if you do find yourself handling a property damage claim, you're going to realize very quickly that you made the right choice in having a relationship with Melo Property Claims. 

  • Get through the insurance claim process faster
  • Be awarded ALL the money for required for repairs
  • Organization of necessary documentation is already taken care of and stored safely
  • Enjoy peace of mind you're one step ahead of the rest

You don't want to be stuck searching for what you need to give your insurance agent after a fire, flood, or other event damages your property. Our public adjuster firm will help you know what your risks are and what you need to stay protected for any insurance claim type. Give us a call today to find out more.

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Don't Get Caught Scrambling For Documentation

Whether you're a new property owner or if you've been in the same building for a while, it's encouraged you schedule your appointment with our disaster insurance adjusters at your earliest convenience. There's never a wrong time to plan for your future, and it's never too late to build a foundation with a reputable public adjuster firm like ours. If you fall into any of these categories, pre-loss and disaster planning should be one of your top priorities:

  • Homeowners
  • Business operators and owners
  • Multi-family rental communities
  • Industrial property owners
  • Condominium organizations

The peace of mind that comes with knowing you're prepared for the worst is something you can't put a price tag on. Our well-informed and friendly customer service representatives are standing by right now, ready to answer your questions and schedule your appointment.

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Melo Property Claims Comes With All The Benefits

Part of what's included with the services our disaster insurance adjusters provide is a complete explanation of your current insurance policy. When you spoke with your agent initially, he or she likely didn't go over everything as thoroughly as they should have. It's common for the contract you've signed to have provisions in it that protect the insurance company more than it does you.

Through our detailed and comprehensive investigation into your existing policy, you will better understand what you're covered for, and more importantly, what you're not. After our meeting, you will know if you need to add anything extra to protect you from the unpredictable events that could occur in your location. We're committed to excellence, and we always put your satisfaction at the top of our list. Reach out to us and discover what you're missing.



"I experienced top notch service and the team of employees answered every one of my many questions. They took time to explain the whole process from billing to project completion. I was truly amazed at the level of personal and professional service from the team"
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Disaster Insurance Adjusters & So Much More!

After you take care of your pre-loss and disaster insurance preparation, we want you to be aware that we complete all kinds of other insurance claim services. If it involves dealing with your homeowner's insurance policy, we have you covered. Reach out today to discover all we can do!

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