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All-Inclusive Insurance Claim Types

Ready to truly hold your insurance company accountable and get the valuation you deserve? We work for you, so let's work together.

Comprehensive Insurance Claim Assistance for Homeowners

Melo Property Claims is qualified to handle ALL insurance claims.

Melo Property Claims is a public adjuster firm that has a team of experienced, qualified, and licensed public adjusters ready to assist you with any insurance claim type you'll ever have to face. With any luck, you won't ever suffer through a disaster, but stats show that five out of every one hundred people that own their homes will find themselves meeting with their insurance provider every year to make a claim.

Our dedicated experts do this type of work every day. It's what we know, and we're passionate about getting the American people the money they deserve when insurance agents try to devalue their property damages. Make an appointment with us today, and we can help you understand what your rights are!

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You Want a Thorough Adjuster for Water Damage

Natural disasters, malfunctioning appliances, and broken pipes all can cause significant water damage issues at your property that are out of your control. When your insurance provider sends an agent over to do your assessment, he or she is likely not going to do a complete job. The more they leave out of their report, the less they have to pay.

Our public adjuster for water damage is neutral, so we don't try and cut corners when providing you with an honest appraisal for your property damages. Get what's owed to you by calling us first!

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Our Adjuster for Mold Damage Gets Results

In most instances, your insurance policy won't cover mold issues. However, if you're dealing with a mold damage insurance claim because there was water damage that was caused by something out of your control, we can prove it to your insurance company. Mold starts growing after just 48 hours, so it doesn't take long for it to start spreading throughout your structure.

Even if you have mold damage and you don't think your insurance provider is going to help you out, we still encourage you to ask us. We will give you an honest opinion about the situation. If it's something you have to do on your own, we can assist you with information about the mold remediation process and refer you to a reputable contractor. Call today to get the answers you're looking for.

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Need an Adjuster for Storm & Wind Damage?

Has a powerful storm just ripped through your neighborhood? Mother Nature can be relentless, and she doesn't care what kind of destruction is left in the path of prevailing weather conditions like hail, high winds, and torrential rains. Your best plan of action after the skies clear and it's safe to go outside is reach out to our public adjuster for your storm damage claim.

When these kinds of events happen, it's likely that your friends and neighbors are also looking at storm damage, and they will be filing their own homeowner's insurance claim. Get ahead of the rush and get your insurance claim money faster by reaching out to us right now!

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Expert Adjuster for Roof Damage On Location Fast!

The roof of your building is the first line of defense your family, belongings, and structure have against the outside world. That means it's the most likely to be damaged when something happens. Your insurance policy covers it, and our public adjuster for roof damage knows exactly what to look for.

We will gather the evidence, including pictures of the problem areas, and we organize all the documentation you're going to require to submit to your provider. After they see that you have Melo Property Claims working for you, they won't hesitate to give you a fair judgment. Make an appointment today, and we can work together to get you what you're owed.

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Adjuster for Smoke & Fire Damage That Puts You First

Our adjuster for fire damage is qualified to handle your case after dealing with a catastrophic house or commercial fire. We are more than just a public adjuster firm, though. Our agents know that this is a sensitive time, and we remain empathetic and compassionate about your situation from start to finish.

Let our experts collect and prepare what's necessary to present to your insurance provider for your fire damage insurance claims. At the same time, you can focus on supporting your family and doing what's necessary to get your life back in order. Reach out to our friendly and dedicated staff today to get the process started.

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