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Authoritative Public Adjuster for Mold Remediation Claim

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What Does an Adjuster for Mold Damage Do?

When mold is growing in or around your home, it's frequently because the area has been sitting in water or hasn't been cleaned thoroughly in some time. When the growth occurs because you failed to take care of the issue, your homeowner's policy isn't going to cover the subsequent property damages.

What our adjuster for mold damages does is investigate why you have mold in the first place. If we can link it back to a natural occurrence like water damages from a storm, then your insurance provider should pay your claim money for repairs.

If you're not sure whether or not your mold damage is listed on your insurance policy, give us a call. We will provide you with the honest and fair assessment you're looking for.

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How You Benefit From Hiring an Adjuster for Mold Damage

Our adjuster for mold damage has seen cases of all different severities. Even if you think your problem is too big or too small for us to take on, you can still reach out to us. There's no case we won't take a look at and provide a reasonable and accurate evaluation of. With our experience, we can determine:

  • What kind of mold you have
  • Where the mold is coming from
  • How you can get rid of it
  • Methods for preventing future problems

After you review your homeowner's insurance policy and see there's no coverage for mold growth, don't give up. Our independent adjusters will help in finding a way to bill your insurance provider if the problem was natural and out of your control. It all starts with your initial phone call and consultation.

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Don't Put Off Dealing With Your Mold Damages!

If you're not worried about your mold damage causing significant issues, you should be. The longer you leave it untreated, the worse it's going to get. As soon as mold finds something to feed on, it multiplies at rapid rates. Eventually, your structural components will start to decay and deteriorate. If you see mold in any of these areas, call us right away:

  • Flooring
  • Carpets
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Drywall
  • Metal surface

Our adjuster for mold damage is highly-trained and educated in what to search for and where to check for growth. Get your complete evaluation by scheduling your appointment now.

Don't Put Off Dealing With Your Mold Damages!
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We Can Match You with a Qualified Mold Remediator

Mold growth that covers an area of 20 square feet or more cannot merely be cleaned up. It's going to require a professional mold remediation company to get rid of it entirely and for good. Through our contractor referral program, we can give you several options for some of the best mold removal companies in your area. Skip a step and save some time by calling us before you start researching contractors on your own.



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